Dating someone with sensory processing disorders involves also caring for them. For most people, it would be a difficult experience. However, with patience and the right advice and attitude, it is a walk in the park. Here are tips for those lovebirds who are romantically involved with them:

  1. Have an open mind

Persons with sensory processing disorders are special. They require different treatment from those without. Accepting them how they are and having the right attitude is the first step towards successful dating. Always be patient and tolerant with them. The right mind-set makes the experience beautiful.

2. Awareness

For those who enjoy spending time outdoors with their partners, they might need to be very aware of their environment. Yes, you do enjoy going out in crowds and listening to music and all with your partner. However, are you sure that would be the right environment for them, considering their condition? It is important to be aware of your partners triggers and ensure that your dates make them comfortable instead of irritating. That helps to avoid issues of over stimulation.

3. Be involved

Be part of their lives. Being romantically involved is not your only role in a relationship. Be part of their therapy. Help them out. Befriend their therapist and consult on how to make their experience better. Furthermore, engage in certain activities with them. Motivate them through these activities. That helps in strengthening the bond you have.

4. Embrace feeling uncomfortable

Are you tolerant of uncomfortable situations? Are you ready to take your partner through some situations despite how uncomfortable you feel? Depending on your partners needs, one may feel quite uncomfortable. However, do not walk away from your partner. They need you. Being with them at such times helps to create stronger bonds or connections in the relationship.

5. Think long-term

Made plans but your partner is not in the mood to go? It’s okay. I know how mad it might make you feel but think of the long term. Your partner might be feeling quite off at that moment and will need to reschedule. Allow them to regulate themselves. You can always make other plans later on. Allowing them to regulate themselves is important as it builds a relationship of understanding and trust between the two of you. Such is essential for the long-term.

As mentioned earlier, it might be a difficult experience. However, if you are open to making it work, then it will. Do not give up on your partner. Always remember to love and treat them with kindness and care. If unsure of anything, you can consult. We, at Smart Sensory, offer sensory solutions to our clients. We also link our clients with qualified therapists for consultation. Kindly visit our social media handles or websites for any of these services.

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