The Smart Sensory

Inclusivity Through Sensory solutions

Enabling continuous sensory inclusive environment for a thriving child, families and resilient communities


We are dedicated to continually improving and offering life-changing sensory care! 

Our knowledge is built upon a range of evidence, including numerical data, qualitative research and analyses, implementation research and evaluations.

Our Projects

1. Inclusive Education

One Lucky Sense Project

When individuals of all sensory profiles can feel included, comfortable, and supported in schools then we are one step to winning!

2. Early Intervention

Baby & Sensory

Where playful interactions contribute to the well-being and positive mental health of parents, caregivers and children

2. Empowered Employments

She-Grow Project

We look at employment opportunities as means to promote financial inclusion and empower individuals socially and economically


A satisfied customer is the best strategy

Thank you for your wonderful service. I bought some sensory chewys from you. My son enjoys using them. It’s great to find your service in Kenya. I had been told I would have to import them from abroad. I wish you all the best.


The world is full of wonder. Everyday is an adventure. We all experience it differently. For the differently abled and neurodiverse, an ordinary situation can mean and demand so much more. Smart Sensory Ltd is doing an amazing job at creating perspectives about it and bridging the gap by offering solutions.


It was nice knowing smart sensory, ever since I started buying their products my sons life has been simple. I fully recommend their service and products


Our Clients


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