Inclusive Education -ONE LUCKY SENSE PROJECT

When individuals of all sensory profiles can feel included, comfortable, and supported in schools then we are one step to winning! by Incorporating sensory strategies in the classroom that supports teacher efforts to develop effective teaching strategies in order to support their students as they achieve their academic potential.

Early Intervention-BABY & SENSORY

Where playful interactions contribute to the well-being and positive mental health of parents, caregivers and children allowing screening, Measuring and monitoring of early childhood development through developmental sensory play program (infants(0-1yrs), to ensure sensory processing challenges are captured early and interventions begins early.

Empowered Employments-SHE GROW PROJECT

 We look at employment opportunities as means to promote financial inclusion and empower individuals socially and economically, breaking the poverty cycle, improving livelihoods, contributing to overall social and economic development in Mombasa County.

Working with mums to children with sensory challenges, recycling fashion wastes to create meaningful and long-lasting sensory items is not only saving the planet and improving livelihood but it is in itself a force to building resilient communities!

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