Noise cancelling headphones

$ 21.32

Quiet Ears Basic Autism Ear Muffs are designed for kids and adult ears!

Hearing Safe Protectors for Children. Quiet Ears Basic Noise Reducing Headphones are designed for children but adjustable to adults that are sensitive to noise or have an auditory sensitivity. They are designed to not only reduce noise but are comfortable and user-friendly. Autism Noise Canceling ear muffs are a terrific tool for anyone who needs quiet or needs to dampen the surrounding noise for focused activities. 

Quiet Ears Basic Autism Earmuffs


Durable! You can tear the ear pieces

off and they pop right back on.

Noise Reduction Rating of 26db

Rugged Polypropylene Adjustable

Headstrap fits all sizes

Earpad is PVC rubber/leatherette

Easy to clean

Bright Red for Safety

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